Monday, October 27, 2008


Alright, I'm now back in PJ!
Hmm... not bad not bad... going back home is something really enjoyable~
However, it is always a sad news to know what Aussie $$ now so low... Just manage to change 100aussie for RM240... sad...
But never mind la, as long as it is an extra income then good enough le la~

Now at PJ section17's home... reading e-mails and updating news from malaysiakini...

While I was checking my mailbox... I received wanyu's colleague, sarah's email... informing me regarding this saturday's competition~ and after downloading and i open it...

I was sooooo excited! Why?
Last time I was the judge for selangor state competition, but this time...
Guess what, this debate competition includes KL school!!!!!!
I was sooooooooooo excited and happy~ This is simply because this means that I am able to take a look at some other famous school's debating team!

Sarah did call me today...
"hello, is it Mr. Fan Ya Fu?"
"Ya, I am..."
"So, I am calling from the committee... "
"You are Wan Yu?"
"Oh, for some certain reason, Wanyu is now not the committee anymore~"(Oooo~)
"oh, ok... so what can I help you?"
"So this saturday are you free? How many match you can handle?"
"You got how many match? what time?"
"Erm... 9am-11am,11am-1pm,1pm-3pm,3pm-5pm!"
"Oh~ a lot ah... i think ah... you arrange lah, i what time also ok~"
"eeee, but which one suits you most?"
"okla, morning session lah~"
"then you can handle how many match in one day?"
"har? "(i was actually thinking i want to handle 4 match~ coz i'm quite interested in it~ however would it be to desperate ah? hmm... i think should not involve in that much la~)
after thinking for 3 seconds...
"okla, 2 match will do la~"
"alright, so see you on that day!"
"see ya!"

^^ <=== my haolian and happy face~ So, let me list down some of the schools participated in this competition~
Catholic High (Selangor Champion)
尊孔独中 Confucius (Wan Yi's school~)
吉隆坡坤成 Kuan Cheng (Ice, Sam Sam and Rachel's school~)
循人中学 Tsun Jin (KL champion)
光华独中 Klang XXX
梳邦乌达玛 Subang Utama
大城堡 Sri Petaling
甲洞卫星市 Kepong
巴生中华独中 Klang XXX

I was thinking... Hmm, if yeerui is here then sure very good...
He certainly has more qualification than me to become a debate competition's judge~

Btw, here comes again my problem~
I really don't know how to tell them this time...
Perhaps I must think of a way already...
Last time I told them, just say Fan Ya Fu, Student of UTAR majoring in Public Relations, from Muar. In the end, they change it to debator from UTAR... I understand thier situation as well la... Then there will be people from some "tokong" places and with some "geng" designation such as, 雪隆华堂、马青口才组、什么什么会馆的什么什么... Sometimes I really feel hard to introduce myself when they give me thier namecards and perhaps some will tell me they are MMU, UMS or bla bla bla University's debate team leader~

Frankly speaking, I achieve nothing at UTAR... : )

Hmm... I have no idea la~

Any suggestions?


khaiyi~ said...

harloo~~ hehe..
jz drop by =P hope u are doing fine =)
all the best!

yafu 雅福 said...

haha~ long time no see~ how are you?
i am quite ok here lah... haha~
add my me in msn~
if not lost contact lo~~ haha~

khaiyi said...

sure sure!
err.. wat is your msn arh?u add me lar.. -_-||

yalo.. i think i lost contact with all primary sch frenz dy~ huhu~

take care n keep in touch! =)