Monday, March 23, 2009

BREAKING NEWS - Siewwan Got 32/35

I was actually going to sleep de~ then, i go into the washroom, wanted to wash face...
then... i ter-picit my shampoo... What the... i think i really too blur liao~
So... i decided to wash my hair as well lo... then ler, sure come down and let my hair dry de mah...

Haiz... blur me~ in order to kill time, I decided to blog something~

I wanted to put up this post long time ago de~ but no chance and was busy for a lot of things~
However, something happened today and i think i really should post up something~



While I was fetching the most adorable Siewwan to Utar Idol today, she talk to me~
(Usually, she dun like to talk to me de, coz she know I will nag her a lot and then tell her a lot of philosophy and ideas and information that she couldn't digest!)

"Eh, yafu ah~ My finance paper come back liao ler... 35 full marks..."
(I was so shocked that i almost "peng" my motorbike and then immediately she continues...)
"35 full marks and i got 32~ hehe~"
(Oh~ I see... but sounds so impossible~ For those who always follows my blog perhaps will know who is Siewwan~ just FYI, she is my happy fruit in UTAR~ she is some sort of unknown or unidentified walking object aka UWO that i've found in UTAR~)

Let's see how she got 32 out of 35~

See that yellow circle?
She is the infamous Chai Siew Wan aka Small Cloud with a Vegetable in front~!~!

Ya, she is also the same as me who always sleeps~ But she goes to class to sleep and i skip class to sleep~ I also don't know why she wants to go to class to sleep~

She told me before...
"Yafu, I very good de hor~ i every class also got go de~ Must go class de lo~!~! Cannot skip class~"

But, she also told me...
"Yafu, I din pay attention in class de lor~ jior~ lazy la~"

Then, when I ask her,
"Siewwan, you go class for what?"

And she answer me...
"I go there to talk to my friends lo, go there sleep lo~"

=.= <----- this is my reaction

(And perhaps the picture is a very good supporting truth~ lolz...)

But hereby, I must really praise her~ Sincerely~

Miss Chai Siew Wan, although you say is am kong, but I still want to tell you that paying attention in class and put in efforts do help you to improve your studies~ If you are really stupid like what I always call you, you can never score 32/35~ That's why I told you you are clever and got 小聪明... Just that you are TOOOO Lazy and you numb your brain and thinking abilities~




And~~~~ Siewwan is the first person I really really praise for good and special voice in UTAR~

She was being FORCED by me to perform in an event~
(But she also very keh keh one~ Actually she enjoys singing a lot~)

Once she told me...
"Yafu, I cannot be singer la~ I never wanted to become any singer~"

Was kinda disappointed with such statement la~ Coz i think she is really good and potential~

However, she also sms and told me before...
"I really found that I like singing a lot... I really enjoy singing... My mum also want me to sing~ I wanna make my Mum proud and make my friends proud of me~ If you let me choose again now la, I sure don't want out with my friends, I wanna practice singing~"
(which apparently, I dont think is she write de~ She seldom that serious with me and playing and fooling around is her hobby, she hardly sacrifice time to play for serious thingy~ lolz~ But since she say is she write de, so i believe in her lo~ Coz i know she got a pure, kind and sincere heart!)

However, she still FFK me and go out with her friends the second day~ Practice? haha~

If you think only like that, you are wrong!!! She is adorable and cute becoz she is really... (Continue reading~)

"I cannot la... I really cannot, they sing so well~ I cannot de~ I not as good as them~"

Past few days...
"Yafu, if I go Astro Star Quest ok ah? You think I ok or not?"
(Nah... now you see...)

And then... she waited there for 12hours juz for audition... Now you see how cute she is liao ler~

However, I am telling you all

I've found the number 2 in UTAR dy~
After giving high recognization for Siewwan~ I am now giving the same and even higher recognization to a guy named, KENNY LOH KEAN CHYE~!~!

He ah~ haha~ also funny and gl guy~

u can log on to his blog... then you will know how funny is he~!~!

ok~ i need to sleep dy~ 4am... zzz~