Sunday, March 16, 2008


how do you define the word - care?

when we are small, we dun like to let our parents to ask where we went to, who we go out with, what we do. We always think that this is a type of interfering our life. However, when we started to grow up, we will understand that this is actually the way they show us their care and love.

1. Where you go?
This is because they hope that you are safe and always go to the safer place! Especially in KL, a lot of place is dangerous!

2. Who you go with?
This is to ensure if after 12am or whatever happens, they will know who to find! And this is to also ensure that you never mix with any bad company!

3. Have you had your lunch/dinner?
This is to ensure that you had your meals. Because you may be too busy or forgotten to eat. Gastritis ahh, or whatever lah~ anyway, not good to your health!

4. What are you doing?
This is just to update your status lah... Perhaps can provide you some advice ler... Simple as that...

Care for you
Actually its very simple
Really simple as ABC
Everyday and anywhere

so, everyone can care your family and friends... its very simple, juz tekan your hp, "how are you?" haha~ berry easy ler...

my mum always call and nag me... no~ care me~ hahaha...


"i'm juz kidding..."
"i know you are not kidding..."
"what makes you think that i am not kidding?"
"i already know you for 4 years..."
"haha~ what a good answer..."

this is a short conversation today with a friend that i care and cares for me as well when im actually dota-ing with sengkwan and chewming!

yeah la...
so fast hor... 4 years liao... i thought it is juz only 3years?
haha~ dont bother lah... as long as you know me, understand me, then ok liao lah...

We are not like kids le lo...
communication and friendship takes time...
i admit...
thanks for understanding me...

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