Thursday, March 13, 2008


Meme from Eileen~ Since she reminded me that she tagged me, so i will play this meme...


1. When you look into the mirror…

I will either a) be thinking that i am actually not bad b) be thinking that i am actually not good also or c) be thinking of a chinese proverb... haha~

2. When did you last saw someone picking their nose?

No idea at all lah~!~!~!~!

3. What are you doing now?

Writing a meme that is from Eileen... haha~ wanted to post some chinese blog actually...

4. What would be the best birthday present?

I think lah, erm... Last birthday got more than 100people sms + friendster + call me... I hope this year more than this number... And any present will do, coz as long as you got buy, you got sincerity lah... No nonsense lah... I had enough of it...

5. Who do you think it hot right this moment?

I totally think the person would be Tony Pua Kiam Wee... you can't say you don't know this guy... Coz if you don't know means you are... Out le lah...

6. Who annoyed you recently?

Someone in my office??? Some not biadap blogger? Perhaps lah... but ok lah... Nobody annoyed me as all of my girl friendssssss got good results in their SPM and STPM... and somemore another one coming to KL to have industrial taining!

7. Where did you meet your loved one? If you have yet to find, where do you plan to meet him/her?

Which loved one? I don't know how to answer... I have no plan at all... Just hope that we can i love you, you love me, full heartedly... Then can liao... So, no comment~

8. How will you use this meme for the benefit of mankind?

I tag somebody like eileen tag me lo~ tag... Jonathan, ChenFui, Amy, Shiying, Joyce!

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