Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good News?

Alright, this is the third day since the results were out... (sounds grammatically wrong eh~what kind of broken english)

I've got good news~ yeah~
All my groupmates got at least A- for their Brand Management!!!
Can i consider this as a good news? or miracle (because including keanjung)? haha~ whatever lah, as long as it achieves what i expect then good enough! haha~ "hopefully we can keep the good results till we graduate." (amy, 2008)

Now i am at the office... there's quite a lot of works to do today...
But i need to rest a while, cannot tahan...

I've been asked to be the emcee for the 5 talks organized by MIRC on this saturday and sunday... Wow, 2 of the talks will be on the main stage!!! Wah~ PWTC, first time that i will be standing on PWTC stage and talk... Scary ler... Frankly speaking, i will nervous lo... coz long time din become emcee dy... somemore ALONE... wah~ die! Not in mandarin but in english also a problem lah... But i think i can do it... haha~ juz prepare more...

Ok lah, i need to work liao...

Btw, remember to come and visit me at PWTC on 18-20 @ Youth Malaysia Exhibition 2008!!!
See you guys there~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~! A lot of activities, for sure you will like it!

1 comment:

amy said...

haha..Im very happy tat v all can make it..
I thk quite surprise tat i could get it..
I reli hope tat all of us can keep these till 'd end' in UTAR..hoho..
emm..I wil try to change better n jz wat u guys oways said to me: 'Amy, b confident to urself..' haha.. I cant promise or sure i can..I will try my best..hope wont disappoint u guys..