Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sms Content

My sms had been rejected because they say not attention cathing enough...
so i re-do, and here's the original and the new SMS...

Which SMS attracts you most?

How Ebay/Internet earn U a B&W? Come PWTC on 19Jan, 10am@Youth Expo M’sia’08. Can’t wait? Log on 2 mirc.org.my/call 0321611618 for more info! We have d answer! (159characters)

It’s a bird? It’s a Plane? No, it’s SuperSeller in Ebay!!! Come PWTC on 19Jan, 10am@Youth Expo M’sia’08. Contact us at mirc.org.my/call 0321611618. See U there! (160characters)

Interested in making $$ thru Ebay/internet? We welcome U 2 join us @PWTC on 19Jan,10am @Youth Expo M’sia’08. Log on 2 mirc.org.my/call 0321611618 for more info! (160characters)

Are U free on 19Jan, 10am? I would like to date U at PWTC. It’s all about making MONEY! Be sure that U will come, see U there! My contact:mirc.org.my/0321611618 (160characters)

Money+Internet+Ebay = ??? U will get the answer if U attend 2 Youth M’sia Expo’08 @ PWTC on 19Jan, 10am. Contact us:mirc.org.my/0321611618 Don’t miss d chance! (159characters)

Mari! Mari! Come 2 PWTC on 20Jan, 10am 2 know how can ur hp n website market ur products! Contact us:mirc.org.my/call 0321611618 Boosting Business, Our Business (160characters)

Boosting Business, Our Business! Another great talk organized by MIRC entitled “Turning Dreams Into Deals” @PWTC, 20Jan, 10am. Info: mirc.org.my/call 0321611618 (160characters)

Do U know what is Mobile/Web Marketing? A trend to follow, A way to survive, A talk you must not miss! Join us at PWTC, 20Jan, 10am. mirc.org.my/0321611618 (155characters)

She loves me, she loves me not… Does “Business” loves you? Understand Entrepreneurship @ PWTC, 20Jan, 10am. Contact:mirc.org.my/0321611618 come if u love her!(160characters)

choose the one that you like~!~! haha~

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Esee said...

i like the first one and the last one..hehe