Friday, February 6, 2009

Good News~

1st prize, 1st prize~ yeah~
congrats to Bel who won the first prize for the MV shooting thingy~
This means that my song will have a chance to shoot MV~ yeah~
Although this song won't be me singing it, but I really feel so excited! hahaha~
I really look forward for the MV shooting~!~!~!
For sure will upload to youtube and put in my blog... haha~

Another song manage to get the consolation prize (number 8)...
It's a pity coz it is juz a step away to shoot MV... If not I will have 2 songs~ 
hahaha... never mind la, it's a good try to KC, Joy, Chee Ho, Ah Ken and Hsen(is it the same group?)~
I think if we are able to shoot this MV for sure it will be very touching~

Next thing to do is to Re-do the instrumental part of the song...
Hmm... Hopefully can do it successfully la... ^^

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