Friday, February 13, 2009

Utar Idol Audition

This is the second audition = semifinal for Utar Idol...
As usual, me, kokjoo and khim han are the judges for the competition...

Frankly speaking, I am quite sad with the outcome because two of my favorites did not enter finals... One is Voon Leong(属于) from FES and another one is Jensen Loke(崇拜) from FAM~ oh~ eventually, both of them choose Fish Leong's song to compete~

Frankly speaking, I think Voon Leong's voice is nice~ His vocal is very nice~ 有磁性而且很特别。。。是属于有特色的声音。。。很可惜。。。定错key~否则我会很有兴趣教他一些东西。。。

Another one is Jensen~ He is very good in arranging his song~ I believe he know what he wants to present and perform. What is the message he is trying to send... He knows how to use different styles and ways to perform a song~!~! Haiz... I am quite sad actually because he got eliminated~! But frankly speaking~ You've show a great example to all of the contestants~!~! That's the singing spirit! You should be proud of yourself~!~!


Next on my job list is the recording on this coming saturday~
Yeah... producer, producer~ hahaha~

ok la... damn tired~

Happy Valentines' Day to all my friends~ I love you all~

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