Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Star Idol 2009

Alright, ladies and gentlemen~
Yes, I am here to publicize this event!!!
Star Idol 2009...

This is an upcoming event in Utar and I totally believe that this would be one of the most successful event this year in Utar~

1. They spend real efforts in organizing this event~
2. They are really creative~
3. The participants are cute~ lol...
4. I participated in the production of some short films for this event(a lame yet vivid reason, hahahaha)...

wahaha~ must come and vote for the participants~!~!~!

vote for my beloved friends...
HuiHsing - The Ingenious Kid That Trapped Inside An Uncle's Body~
GuanHan - The Monkey-like human being That Can Dance, Study and even Sing~
Orange - The Nova, Casanova That Got 3 Dates During Valentines Day~
Yoke Fong - The Malaysia Rihanna Who Can Both Act and Sing~

Alright~ That's all for today~
see ya at Star Idol oh~
Perhaps you may get some "SURPRISE" there~ ^^

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