Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starry Starry Night

So... It is now 2.25am...
5ppl(including me) sleep in one room...
Yeah, my house is getting merrier and merrier... haha...

First and foremost, congrats to hui hsing! You've made it! You are the 1st Star Idol of Utar!
you really put up a good show today... hehe... especially your uncle + monk = really uncle monk... haha... (my processor got a bit hot dy...)

Meanwhile, as for guan han, yoke fong and orange, you guys are awesome as well... It is juz that lady luck smile towards huihsing today! haha! so huihsing, dun haolian!!! hehehehe...

My favourite will be yoke fong! Yoke Fong, you are good! You did make me feel surprise especially in Utar Idol... I think you improve a lot a lot for ur acting and singing skill... I'm so proud of you! Keep it up! I know you can do better!

Bel and fellow "comrades"... You all still very good in organizing events! I think you all really did a good job in organizing Star Idol! The efforts you all put in shall not be forgotten by every single ppl who attended to this event! "This is a good quality event!"(quoted from Mr. Anthony)

Joyce and Mark... yeah, i believe Talent Night has build a special bond among us... We really enjoy the songs you both sing! Keep it up, and hopefully we can see you both in TV screen next time...

Alright, now, I shall talk a bit regarding today's performance...
Hmm... I feel ok for my part la... I think I've done something on par... ok la...
However, here I would like to talk a bit about Siewwan...

"I feel so touch when I saw her singing on the stage..."
"Finally, I got a chance to listen her voice. Really very special and nice voice!!!"
"Ya, I think she sings well today. Her voice is nice!"
"The performance? I love it."
"She is so pretty today! Really!"

These statements does not come from yafu...
And it is all truth and nothing but truth!
I believe you already gain some confidence thru this performance...
Forget those small small parts that you din sing well... Coz to err is human and this time, you really really performed well!

I juz wanna say...
Siewwan, see, I told you! You got awesome voice and great personalities when you are on the stage! Do not be afraid, do not underestimate yourself... You're great! ^^ Among sooooo many people, you are the one that I really think got special and good voice with lots of unknown potential!
I juz hope you can do better... Better not for others, but for yourself!
FYI, this is the first time in my life, when performing during functions, I am not the main performer... which means that this time i really very "keh leh fe"... haha... For those who knows me and my past, they will understand what I mean if they watch today's event!

Do Not Be Afraid, I Am Always With You, Just Show They What You've Got!!! What Special Talent And Voice That GOD Has Given To You!










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